How Do You Get a Credit Card You Can Use the Same Day?

Though there are some instant-approval credit cards available to consumers, it is unlikely that applicants will be able to use their card the same day they apply, even if they are instantly approved, as reported by Credit cards must typically be processed, printed and delivered to the applicant, which requires waiting time. Those who need a credit card as soon as possible can try to get approved for an instant-approval credit card and pay for expedited card shipping, but this does not guarantee that the card will be delivered the same day; in fact, it is highly unlikely that this will happen even with expedited shipping.

Simply applying for an instant-approval credit card doesn't guarantee that the application will be approved, and even with instant-approval claims, some card companies may need additional time to process certain applications. Additionally, some card companies that claim to offer instant-approval credit cards are actually offering prepaid debit cards, which are a bad idea for consumers who are concerned about their financial security, according to

Due to the number of fishy instant-approval credit card deals available to consumers, those who are on the hunt for a card that will be approved and delivered quickly should be careful. Consumers should always research the card they are applying for to be sure that the card actually does what it claims.