How Do You View Your Credit Card Balance?

wwing/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

You can view your credit card balance online on the card issuer’s website, on phone or email through a text message, or on an automated teller machine, according to Investopedia. You can also view the balance on the card’s billing statement. However, the billing statement is not an appropriate method when the cardholder needs to know the balance urgently as the statement takes a long period to be ready and may not contain the latest account information.

Viewing a credit card balance online involves logging into the card issuer’s website and navigating the website to access the account balance, notes Investopedia. A computer or a tablet with an Internet connection are handy for this task. Alternatively, you can access the balance online through the issuer’s downloadable mobile application, if the issuer has one.

To view the card balance through test messages, register for the issuer’s notification service, which allows you to receive a text notification showing your account balance, states Investopedia. Typically, this notification follows each transaction involving the credit card. To view the balance on an ATM, access the machine, insert the card into the machine, key in your card’s personal identification number, which identifies you as the cardholder, and choose the card balance option. This brings up the balance on the monitor. Though convenient, viewing credit card balance on some ATMs may require a fee, which the machine usually deducts from your card.