What Are Credentials on a Resume?

Credentials on a resume are relevant degrees and certifications that help convince an employer that a prospective employee is the best one for the job being offered. Different credentials should appear in different parts of the resume in order for it to appear more organized and less pretentious.

If an applicant has both academic degrees and certifications, he should have Education and Professional Certifications sections on his resume. Academic degrees are credentials if they are suited to the job the applicant is applying for and should be in the Education section, and certifications matching the job should be placed under the Professional Certifications section.

Academic credentials should not be listed after a person's name unless it is a doctoral degree. If the job specifically asks that applicants possess a Master's degree, it is appropriate to include that information in the resume summary.

Other credentials on a resume include highly specialized experience and titles, such as being a Certified Professional Accountant or a Professional Engineer. As with academic experience and professional certifications, prospective employees should only list the credentials relevant to the job they are applying for. This includes industry-specific or industry-recognized titles such as the applicant being a registered nurse when applying for a job in the medical field. These credentials should be listed separately from the Professional Certifications.