What Credentials Are Required for Long Haul Trucker Jobs?

Over-the-road trucking jobs require a commercial driver's license, also known as a CDL, from their state of residence. Truck drivers who haul certain types of cargo, such as vehicles, may also be required to obtain special endorsements from an employer or government agency. Endorsements to haul hazardous materials require successful completion of the Transportation Security administration's threat assessment.

Private vocational schools and employers offer training programs for long-haul truck drivers. The training programs help to prepare drivers for the CDL test and reviews the safety procedures and guidelines of the trucking company. Long-haul truck drivers are required to renew their CDL license as stipulated by each state's Department of Motor Vehicles.

Long-haul truck drivers are responsible for carrying and delivering merchandise over state lines. Some drivers may also be required to load and unload cargo at pickup and delivery sites and collect receipts or signatures from customers and business owners. Drivers maintain a logbook of driving activity to show proof of compliance with regulations set by the federal government. Drivers are required to maintain rest and work periods for a set of hours determined by the governing agencies. Vehicle inspections must be current and each truck must be equipped with applicable safety equipment.