What Are Some Creative Ways to Protest Paying School Taxes?


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Some creative ways individuals have used in the past to protest school taxes include paying taxes with one dollar bills and small change, notes Forbes. People have employed these tactics, which do not constitute tax evasion or other illegal behavior, to show an unwillingness to pay school taxes.

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People who protest paying school taxes often do so because they believe they should not have to pay money for services that do not directly benefit them. A man named Robert Fernandes of Fork Township in Pennsylvania protested the payment of $7,143.54 in school taxes by giving the tax collector single dollar bills, videotaping the process, and posting the video on YouTube, as reported by Forbes. His reason for doing so was that his two children were homeschooled by his wife and he did not want to pay for education services they were not using.

Although homeschooled children fall under the school district in which they live by law and have access to some of the extracurricular activities of the district, Fernandes' gesture symbolized his unwillingness to pay school taxes, notes Forbes. Fernandes said that he hopes people who watch his video on YouTube are inspired to pay their taxes in small bills like he did.

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