What Are Some Creative Ways to Give a Presentation?


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Memorable, creative presentations typically employ three key concepts in order to achieve success: tone, visuals and movement. Tone allows a presenter to connect with an audience on a personal level, while visuals and movement take advantage of the brain's desire for more than just the written or spoken word.

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Tone may be both the most important factor for presentations and the most difficult to master. Knowing the audience and its needs is an important first step. The most charismatic presenters, regardless of the content they are presenting, usually connect with the audience by making eye contact, varying the pitch and emphasis for particular words and phrases, and forcing the audience to think about the themes and details of the presentation.

Visuals and movement, while equally important as tone, are easier to control through careful planning. Audiences generally connect with material at a deeper level if they are given visuals to complement the written or spoken word.

Adding an element of movement allows an audience to focus on more than just a single space at the front of a classroom, boardroom or lecture hall. If a presenter is using computer software to develop visuals and movement, tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or Prezi are excellent options. For presenters who prefer not to use software, simply pacing the stage or underlining key concepts on a board can provide elements of both visuals and movement. Regardless of the tools used, presenters should make sure that visuals add to the presentation experience, rather than simply duplicating what is being said by the presenter.

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