What Are Some Creative Ways to Empower Employees?

What Are Some Creative Ways to Empower Employees?

Some creative ways to empower employees include supporting their independence, recognizing and rewarding their efforts, and sharing information with them. These approaches make employees more likely to take initiative and to improve their performance.

Fostering open communication encourages employees to openly share their thoughts and observations. Offering a variety of communication mediums, such as the use of social media to share sudden information, and having internal community platforms or online forums allows employees to share ideas and collaborate with each other.

Supporting the employees in setting relevant work goals that are in line with those of the company instills confidence in them, which is a characteristic of empowered employees. Having an executive team member to act as a group mentor or bringing in a guest speaker improves the goal-setting process.

Support employee independence by not monitoring an employee’s every move, as this can have the opposite of the intended effect. Allow some flexibility by letting the employees set their own schedules, having flexible vacation policies and allowing telecommuting.

Recognizing the employees’ efforts lets them know that the organization values them. Going the extra mile and using gift cards or handwritten notes in cases of significant achievements motivates the employees. Sending thank you notes to employees on their job anniversary dates also makes them feel valued.