What Are Some Creative Names for Plumbing Companies?

Creative names for plumbing companies may use humorous aspects of the profession to grab a customer's attention, such as Mister Plumber Pants, Ala Commode or When Nature Calls Plumbing. Other names may play off the name of the owner, such as Go With the Flo, Peter Piper Plumbers or Super Duper Cooper Plumbing.

Inventive names that incorporate the tools of the plumber's trade, such as Fairer Faucet Majors, Take the Plunge or Jolly Wrenchers, can also set a business apart from the competition.

Creative names may highlight the professionalism and reliability of a plumbing firm, such as Urgent Care Plumbers, 24-7 Plumbing Kings, or Above and Beyond Plumbing.

If a firm's owner would rather use a straightforward name for his company, he can still get creative with the tagline he uses in advertising. Slogans such as "A royal flush beats a full house," "We drain your pipes, not your bank account," or "Got water?" can catch a prospect's eye.

A successful name should be creative enough to get attention but not so silly that it makes the firm appear unprofessional. Owners can get creative with the spelling, but this can make the company harder to locate in an Internet search. Plumbers may want to avoid using a geographic location in their name, since customers may assume the company serves only that one area.