What Are Some Creative Ideas for Employee Recognition?

Creative ideas for employee recognition include keeping a recognition book, using social media, recognizing employee passions and using the company website. Traditional employee recognition programs include gift cards, bonuses and employee of the month awards, which some employees may find boring and unauthentic.

Keeping an employee recognition book where employees can recognize their co-workers on work-related or personal achievements is a good way to motivate employees. The book’s entries can be read at weekly meetings. This encourages employees to recognize each other’s accomplishment and highlight accomplishment that may go unnoticed.

Leveraging social media can also have a positive impact on an existing employee recognition program. Employees nominated for an award or accomplishment can be profiled on the company’s social media pages with details of their achievements. It is important to include late-shift employees where applicable to ensure all employees feel equally appreciated.

Another good way to make employees feel appreciated is to recognize their passions. Dedicating two or three hours every week or every month for employees to work on personal projects that they are passionate about, even when they do not directly relate to the company, can help create a more positive and inclusive work environment.

Lastly, dedicating a section of the company homepage to hard-working employees helps to recognize their passions, lives and contributions to the company. This section may include personal stories that do not directly relate to the workplace.