What Are Some Creative Ideas for Advertising With Inflatable Balloons?


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Creative ideas for using inflatable balloons for advertising include blimps, balls, character shapes and traditional hot air balloon shapes. Advertising balloons can be customized with a company logo or made in the image of a specific product, such as a cell phone, truck or soda can. Custom inflatable costumes are wearable and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Inflatable dancers are tube-shaped balloons used as attention-getting outdoor advertisement.

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Blimp balloons feature an aerodynamic shape that make them appear to be flying, and these are typically used to advertise the name of a business. Blimp balloons range in size from 13 to 20 feet in length and are held in place by harness ropes. Companies can order a remote control inflatable blimp to fly in a designated area at a trade show or sporting event. A traditional hot air shaped balloon is large enough to include several lines of text and is stationary.

Companies can purchase inflatable advertising balloons in fun character shapes that resemble people, animals such as gorillas and elephants or a smiling happy face. Character balloons are usually placed outside a business entrance and are large enough to attract attention. Ideas for custom character advertising balloons include a large pizza, company mascot or building. Inflatable advertisements can take the form of popular monuments such as the Statue of Liberty.

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