What Are Some Creative Fundraising Ideas?


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Some creative fundraising ideas include selling custom bracelets, organizing an entertainment event and washing cars for a cause. Being creative and unique when fundraising is key to achieving success, notes The Fundraising Authority.

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Create unique bracelets that have a message for the cause of the fundraising. Let everyone know that buying any of the bracelets will help make another life better. The bracelets should be attractive enough to draw a lot of people's attention. Each individual who wears such a bracelet could also be advertising the fundraising if a charity name is included.

Organize an entertainment event and let everyone know that attending and paying the entrance fee will be a good way to support a cause. The event can include music, acting and poetry recital. Bouncy castles and other kid's funfair equipment will make the event even more appealing to families.

Organize a luncheon or dinner event and let people know about the cause they will be supporting if they attend. Charge an extra amount of cash for each plate served at the dinner or lunch.

Other creative fundraising ideas to try include working a car wash and charging an extra amount, live or online auctions to raise funds and getting people to donate baked products for sale.

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