What Is a Creative Fee?


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A creative fee is a term used to refer to the cost of creative services usually rendered by individuals with expertise in the fields of photography, graphic and conceptual design and writing to their clients. Different factors may affect the cost of creative services, including the scope of the project, the special abilities of the creative expert involved in the project, and the experience and reputation in the industry of the creative experts. Some creative experts may also charge for overheads and equipment.

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Most creative experts are freelancers, so creative fees vary from one expert contractor to the next. Some fields of creative expertise, such as videography, photography and graphic design also require specialized equipment, which the experts must also factor into their creative fees. Proper pricing is important for creative freelancers to stay business.

To give a quotation for a creative fee properly, a freelance creative expert must first establish his own hourly rate. Establishing how much he wants to earn a year will help the creative freelancer calculate his hourly rate.

The freelancer will then need to make an estimate of how many hours it will take to complete a particular project then add up the hours according to his rate. Finally he needs to add in his projected accrued overheads and his desired profit margin to calculate the final creative fee.

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