What Are Some Creative Examples of Billboards?


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Creative examples of billboard signs include a pain reliever company placing a wrecking ball on the forehead of the person in the ad to represent a headache, cutting out a section of the billboard to allow natural light to pass through or incorporating the board's natural surroundings to make the ad appear three dimensional. In all cases, the ads move beyond viewer expectations by modifying the appearance to create a lasting impression.

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One method for making a creative billboard advertisement is to move the ad beyond the original space of the billboard by installing additional features or components, such as a section that extends from the top of the ad to give it an unusual shape. This can also include special constructions that protrude out from the billboard, moving it into three dimensions. The additions in these types of ads typically focus on a specific element of the product in order to increase impact on the viewer.

Anther type of creative billboard ad utilizes the existing features in the surrounding space to make the ad a seamless component. This commonly occurs on billboards that are part of the side of a building, incorporating features such as lamps to act as a light source in the ad's image. Some ads on billboard space with an unusual size, such as a long vertical space on a tall building, may also take advantage of that by developing an image that plays with the extra space.

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