What Are Some Creative Employee Awards?


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Planning a surprise picnic and covering employees’ work desks with colorful balloons are some creative ways to reward employees. Treating staff members to special lunches and sending thank you letters to the homes of hardworking employees are other creative award options, as The University of Michigan reports.

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Because of tough economic times, many employers seek meaningful ways to motivate their employees. Some employees opt to award their employees creatively since unique awards are often a low-cost method of motivation. A surprise picnic is one creative way to motivate employees to work hard, as many individuals appreciate surprises. Covering employees' work desks with an assortment of balloons and other decorations is another creative and colorful way to motivate employees.

Consider what employees like before giving them gifts or planning special events, as workers’ hobbies or interests can be the basis for their awards. For example, an employer can award new soccer cleats to an employee who loves playing soccer. Employers may also provide personalized items, such as custom-made cups or monogrammed jackets, to their employees as a way of showing appreciation for a job well done.

Some employers also award employees for achieving personal goals, such as exercising regularly or completing a college degree. Consider hosting a recognition ceremony to honor these individuals or hanging a celebratory banner in the lunchroom.

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