What Are Some Creative Display Ideas?

What Are Some Creative Display Ideas?

Creative display ideas for retail stores include creating realistic scenes using mannequins and the store's products, arranging products according to color to create a unique image or recreating an iconic scene from a movie or television show. It is also possible to use uncommon items in the displays, as well as non traditional styles that contrast the store.

One method for creating a unique store display is to focus on mirroring real life by using mannequins and props to resemble actual scenes. For example, a clothing store could showcase a summer line by creating a beach scene that includes actual sand and water, along with a mannequin that appears to be swimming in the ocean.

Similarly, the display could take inspiration from other areas of pop culture and incorporate the store's products. This may include recreating a movie poster or album artwork, as well as making mannequins look like characters from a popular television show.

Some unique displays focus on the colors or shapes of the products to make larger images, such as using products of different colors to make a large rainbow display. This concept involves treating the store's merchandise as an art medium through which the display designer can create a new artistic piece.

Another option is to use uncommon items in the display to create contrast, such as placing camping gear and trees next to high-end ball gowns.