What Do Creative Directors Do?


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Creative directors essentially formulate and implement marketing campaigns, producing written, digital and electronic content for firms and interacting with media and outside consulting firms. Creative directors bear responsibility for companies' promotional products, including trade show materials, brochures, newsletters, radio ads and television ads. They sometimes demonstrate expertise in particular areas, such as photography, design and digital marketing.

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Creative directors combine marketing and management knowledge and experience. They often oversee teams of workers, ensuring employees work together for a common goal. In addition to overseeing generation of engaging and informative brand content, creative directors act as managers, giving direction to employees and adhering to strict deadlines.

Creative directors often have financial knowledge too, or work with company accountants, ensuring marketing campaigns remain within budgets. Sometimes, creative directors travel for events, such as photo shoots and media interactions. Creative directors interact closely with their fellow employees and also engage with consumers . Directors identify what appeals to consumers, and develop products meeting consumers' needs.

Creative directors generate written content, such as ads and slogans for clients, as well as produce digital campaigns . They must have impeccable writing and editorial skills, making a background in English or communications ideal. Lastly, creative directors conduct research, helping themselves gain better understanding of technical products and helping their companies stay ahead of competitors.

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