How Do You Create a Workflow Diagram?


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To create a workflow, identify a starting point, create the flow steps and add branches that allow for visualization of the workflow process. This diagram is useful to demonstrate the flow of a task or activity. Workflow diagrams can be created using specialized software to organize rectangles and arrows used to indicate the flow of activity; inversely, they can be drawn by hand.

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  1. Identify a starting point for the workflow
  2. Organize the workflow by finding a starting point. For example, a workflow diagram illustrating a sales process usually starts with the customer. From here, the flow can go to any of the conversion options the business offers, such as direct sales, internet sales, and a phone center.
  3. Create the individual flow steps
  4. From the starting point, draw an arrow to indicate the flow to the next step. Write the next step in another rectangle and continue until all of the steps have flowed to the final step. For example, the final step of the sales process usually ends with the customer receiving the product.
  5. Complete each branch of the workflow
  6. Many workflow diagrams feature several branches. These occur when different options occur at a step along the flow. For example, the customer may choose to pick up the product or have it shipped. These individual steps create different branches. When the steps become the same again, the arrows can direct back to the same branch for easier organization.
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