How Do You Create Time Clock Cards?


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To create a time clock card, use a word processing program, and insert a table. The rows of the table represent the available word days for the company. The six columns are "Day," "Time In" and "Time Out" twice, and "Total." In the "Day" column type the first day of the pay period either by the name of the day, such as Monday, or the date the pay period begins, such as January 27, 2016.

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Below the table, add a line on the right side of the document that says "Total" before it. Above the table, add the employee's name and any other pertinent information, such as the department in which he works. At the bottom of the document, make two blank lines for signatures from the employee and the supervisor. Under the lines, type the person's name and the word "date" at the end of the line. Other information to consider includes contact information for the employee or supervisor, pay rates, overtime rates or whether the employee is part or full time.

Consider adding a column on the table for overtime hours or paid leave. Color code the table for readability. Insert the company's logo either at the top center or bottom center of the document.

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