How Do You Create a Template for a Board Meeting Agenda?


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Create a template for a board meeting agenda using software such as Microsoft Excel or Word, and include sections for meeting details, procedures, special motions and resolutions. Take care to format the template correctly.

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How Do You Create a Template for a Board Meeting Agenda?
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A board meeting agenda template is a document containing the procedures and processes for a meeting of the board of directors. Typically, the template is prepared by a company secretary. If properly created, the template facilitates the objectives of each meeting by acting as a reference point for each discussion or presentation. The template should be issued to the directors in advance so each director understands the purpose of the meeting and his role.

In the Meeting Details section, the template should indicate the time of the meeting. It should also clarify the specific location of the meeting. This section encourages the directors to be punctual and ensures the meeting begins and ends at a stipulated time.

The Meeting Process section details the procedure for each meeting, which may include a chairman's address to the board of directors, reports, discussions, acknowledgments and voting. The last section of the template, the Special Motions and Resolutions section, should contain space for all the decisions made during the meeting.

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