How Do You Create a Tattoo Portfolio?

How Do You Create a Tattoo Portfolio?

Tattoo portfolios can be presented in photo albums, art portfolios, online, or even on smart phones or tablets. A tattoo portfolio is vital to get a job or apprenticeship as a tattoo artist. A small portfolio containing a few pieces of excellent work is preferable to a large portfolio filled with work of variable quality.

  1. Choose your manner of presentation

    Many tattoo artists choose to present their work in a standard art portfolio which allows large-scale photos of the work. Purchase your professional art portfolio or photo album. If you choose to present digital copies of your work, set up your website, app or program to display your work.

  2. Gather your best work

    Choose tattoos that highlight your unique style and showcase the quality of your work. Don't choose a tattoo for your portfolio based on your relationship with the person you tattooed or personal memories regarding the tattoo. Don't display any types of tattoos that you don't like to create; for instance, if you dislike doing tribal tattoos, discard any photos you have of that kind of work. If you are an artist with little tattoo experience, choose other types of artwork that look the most like tattoo art.

  3. Assemble your portfolio

    Assemble your portfolio using the pieces you have chosen. Make sure all the photos are as large and clear as possible. Add multiple angles of the same tattoos if doing so shows off your work well. Add a resume to your portfolio to show off your experience and provide your contact information.