How Do You Create a SMART Goal Worksheet?

How Do You Create a SMART Goal Worksheet?

To create a SMART goal worksheet, which should include six sections, define the mnemonic, write your goal, put down the benefits, and insert an action plan. Then, create a list of obstacles and challenges, and enter a support section. Create the sheet using a word-processing software.

Label the letters S through T as follows: "specific," "measurable," "attainable," "relevant" and "time-bound." Insert question boxes in the second column to correlate with the letters, and write the corresponding questions. In the next section, allow space for today's date, and write the question, "When do you expect to attain your goal?" On the next line, write, "What is your goal?" Make room for the questions.

In the benefits section, make space to incorporate all benefits you expect. Moving down the document, write elements of the SMART mnemonic, and leave three lines below each element to indicate how the goal relates to each of them.

Draw three columns, and name them as follows: "Task," "Expected completion date" and "Actual completion date." Insert lines for a minimum of 10 actions. Underneath the obstacles and challenges section, draw two columns with the titles "Obstacles" and "How do you plan to conquer the challenges?"

Write the heading "Support and Accountability" in the last section. Create three columns, and label them as follows: "Contact's Signature," "Frequency of Updates" and "Method of Communication." Put down updates and communication methods with a person who participates in your success. Allow space to include the date you attain your goal.