How Do You Create a Simple Time Sheet Template?

How Do You Create a Simple Time Sheet Template?

A time sheet, at minimum, documents the employee's legal name and time worked during a stated pay period, including dates, days of the week, beginning and ending shift times, and total hours. A company may also collect information on lunch breaks, overtime hours, and sick and vacation leave.

Some companies choose to request additional employee-identifying information, such as department, contact information, or identification number.

An employee signature line at the bottom of the time sheet is a good idea, perhaps under a statement affirming that the information provided is true and complete for that pay period. The employee's supervisor also should have a signature line to indicate the time sheet was reviewed for accuracy.

A company works with its payroll department to determine whether time sheets should be paper or electronic and whether they are collected daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Careful review of the time sheet template and related record-keeping practices is critical to ensure they support the company's compliance with all federal, state and local wage laws and regulations. Of particular note is the Fair Labor Standards Act enforced by the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S Department of Labor. offers two sample employee time sheets on its Business Form Templates page. also provides multiple time sheet templates.