How Do You Create a Simple Organization Chart?

Create a simple organization chart by compiling a list of the different employees and departments within the company, ranking them in a hierarchy according to responsibility and accountability and then crafting a visual document that highlights the relationship between each entity. Programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint feature simple graphic design tools to make such a chart.

An organization chart outlines the chain of command within a company by using a combination of graphics and text to create a picture featuring each important position or role within the group. Before creating the actual document, it is important to make a list of the positions in the company to ensure that the chart covers all the relevant roles. Depending on the size of the organization, it may be necessary to combine certain sections of employees into a single group, such as combining marketing associates with different specialties into a single section.

After making the list, identify the appropriate managers for each unit and connect them to the higher level members of the executive team. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document, then use the Insert feature to create multiple basic shapes on page. Type in the names of each section from the list, such as "CEO" or "Human Resourced Department," excluding specific employee names. Use the drawing tool to create lines between each image to demonstrate connections and reporting responsibilities.