How Do You Create a Simple Land Sale Contract?

When creating a simple land sale contract, it is important to include the property address, a legal description of the specified property and its type, the beginning date for the agreement between the seller and buyer, the purchase price, all pertinent addresses of both parties and the payment terms. The websites and offer users the ability to create free land sale forms that can then be printed out. However, it is wise to have a real estate attorney review or draft this legal form to ensure it meets relevant state laws that apply for the specific land sale document, states

A "land sale contract" is a legal document that may have other names, such as "contract for deed" or "contract to sell real estate," as noted by This type of contract is an agreement between the seller of a property and its buyer that stipulates that the buyer will make payments for the property until the entire agreed upon purchase price is met. The contract must state the specific terms on payment schedules, applicable interest, terms for buyer default, who pays taxes on the property and the insurance and who is in complete possession of the property until complete purchase price is met. and both provide methods to make these documents online and then print them off. To begin building this documents at these websites, click on the appropriate button, either Make Document or Get Started, and then answer a series of questions relating to the transaction. By entering all the required information, a document is generated that has areas at the bottom for the signatures of both the seller and buyer. To sign the land sale document, the presence of a notary public is necessary.