How Do You Create Shift Work Schedules?

How Do You Create Shift Work Schedules?

To create shift work schedules, ask employees about their personal preferences, determine daily total employee hours requirements and assign shifts and days. Post the completed schedule in advance where it is clearly visible and easily accessible to all employees.

Begin by asking each employee about personal scheduling needs and preferences. Create a spreadsheet detailing each employee’s total hours per week, preferred shifts, preferred work days and days when they are not available.

Determine the number of employee hours for each individual shift and day. Schedule the number of employees needed for each shift on each day using a pre-determined estimate of expected revenue and work flow during the specific periods.

Assign work days and shifts to employees based on their personal preferences and come up with a fair scheduling solution to deal with conflicting preferences.

Look for employee-hour gaps and fill them in by assigning slots to employees who have not reached their maximum work hours. Ensure that filling these shifts does not conflict with any employee’s requested days off.

Lastly, review the schedule and make changes where necessary to correct any mistakes. Avoid altering the schedule because of minor conflicts or inconveniences that employees failed to mention. Inform the employees that they are responsible for finding co-workers to cover their shifts in case of any last-minute changes. Post the completed schedule at least one week before it takes effect.