How Do You Create a Sales Telephone Script?


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To create a telephone sales script, craft an opening that identifies the caller right away, respects the time of the person at the other end of the line and states a compelling reason for the call. Include casual language to create a conversation and ask pointed questions. Close the script with strong language and a closing technique such as the trial close, appointment close and post close.

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Open the telephone sales script with a casual greeting to the prospect, and use the prospect's first name to establish a tone of familiarity. Leave out language that asks how the prospect is doing, which often comes across as insincere. Instead, use the first question to establish whether it's a good time to speak with the prospect. Include a response in the script in case the prospect is busy, acknowledging this fact and letting the prospect know the call is a brief one.

Then go directly into the reason for the call, giving the prospect a strong example of how the product or service is beneficial. After the explanation, ask another question. Pointed questions give the prospect an opportunity to respond and the sales person a chance to address any questions or objections. End the phone script with a closing question designed to get a commitment.

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