How Do You Create a Recruitment Database?


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Create a recruitment database by choosing a software platform, such as a specialized recruitment tool or a spreadsheet, and add in details about each candidate and open position in a searchable fashion. The database should include copies of or links to the relevant documents for each entry, such job descriptions or resumes.

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Begin by choosing the platform for the database that best suits your needs, as each option provides different features. Spreadsheet programs typically carry no additional cost beyond basic licensing, but do not include any additional options, whereas paid recruitment database software allows you to make custom entries and store all documents in a centralized location. Once you choose the software, collect all the information for your current candidates, and begin entering them into the system. Include full names, contact information such as email address and phone numbers, and details about speculation or preferred positions. Also include the resumes for each candidate according to the method of your system.

The recruitment database should also include all of the currently open positions for which you are recruiting, following a similar structure to that of the candidates. Include the names and contact information for the company along with a copy of the job description and any relevant dates, deadlines or payment details. As you obtain new candidate details, enter them into the system so that you can quickly reference them in future situations. You should also include notes about candidates currently at a company or jobs that are no longer open.

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