How Do You Create a Quality Control Plan?


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To create a quality control plan, an individual must design a detailed organization chart with specific duties for each position. A quality control plan must include procedures for verifying work done by each employee. It should also outline procedures for assessing whether supplied materials meet the set quality standards.

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A quality control plan allows an organization to identify suppliers who meet the set quality standards; it is also used to identify and disqualify suppliers who do not meet the set standards. A quality assurance plan must include a procedure for receiving complaints from clients and employees in order to identify non-compliance issues. The quality control plan usually specifies the workers responsible for each task, which simplifies the process of identifying the workers responsible for the non-compliance issues. The quality assurance manager uses the quality control plan to correct such issues and reports directly to executives.

A quality assurance plan must also allow for future improvements as a result of gaps identified by clients and employees. A quality control plan must be based on the needs of the target customers and should outline how a company intends to meet such needs. In some businesses, employees within the same department review each other's work as a quality control measure.

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