How Do You Create a Proposal for Janitorial Cleaning Services?


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To create a proposal for offering janitorial cleaning services, first gather information on the prospective client, then start by writing a cover letter and title page to personally introduce the janitorial company to the client. Use information gathered on the client to summarize the project, then create a page each for services offered, products, prices, benefits, cost summary, warranty and guarantee information and contract and terms. The final sections to add are on the company history, qualifications and capabilities, clients, testimonials, policies and customer service, as outlined by Proposal Kit.

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To create a janitorial proposal, follow the steps below.

  1. Research client and write introductory sections
  2. Gather information on the prospective client's needs to tailor the proposal to them. Write a cover letter to briefly introduce the company and provide contact details, then introduce the specific job proposal on the title page.

  3. Summarize the client's needs
  4. Demonstrate awareness of the client's needs with the client summary. This should include information on security, liability and the handling of hazardous materials if applicable, as stated by Proposal Kit.

  5. Create sections on services and cost
  6. Go into specifics with sections on services, products, prices, benefits, a summary of services cost, warranty and guarantee information and details on contract and terms. Also include sections on specialist topics, if applicable, such as insurance, quality control, environmental issues and certifications.

  7. Provide background information
  8. After describing the specifics of the proposed services, develop trust with sections about the company, such as company history, qualifications, past and present clients, along with testimonials or references, and policies and customer service information.

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