How Do You Create Program Evaluation Forms?


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Create program evaluation forms by determining the criteria that matters most to the organization, such as the efficacy of the specific program or the ability of employees to follow its steps, and turning them into quantifiable questions in a Web-based or physical document. The form should include sections where employees and participants can rate the program as well as offer suggestions for improvements.

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Program evaluation allows an organization to collect information about the nature of different events, processes or departments and determine how well they function according to the feedback from people participating in them. The forms should take the format that best suits the resources and usage patterns of participants, such as paper forms for small companies or organizations that have participants without easy access to computers to fill out digital forms. In both cases, the questions on the form should appear with a standard set of quantitative responses that allows the organization to quickly tally results and analyze the data on a standard scale.

Individual questions should focus on the performance of the program from the perspective of its participants, asking to rate it in multiple fields and for specific components, such as how well the participant feels the program communicates its goals to its target audience. Additionally, it can contain questions that delve into any specific areas the organization wishes to evaluate, including internal tools or general concepts about business practices. The form should also have a section that allows participants to freely write any proposals or suggestions for the program.

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