How Do You Create a Procedures Manual?


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To create a procedure manual, focus on the procedures and processes of the task and how to complete them, laying them out step by step. Make the manual easy to read, use clean language, and use clear headings and sub-headings.

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A procedure manual should be easy to read and understand, and it should always be consistent in design, style and information and written with the reader in mind. A procedure manual varies in its features, but for the most part, paragraphs should start and finish without confusion and readers should know when one step ends and the next begins. When describing the steps, use strong action verbs and make sure images or charts are easy to follow.

Use concise and accurate language when writing a procedure manual, but avoid using technical language or jargon. Because the manual should be relevant for many years, avoid adding information that may not be evergreen. The design of the manual depends on the task, but make sure to use a sufficient amount of white space, indentations and breaks in paragraphs to make it easier to read.

Before publishing the procedure manual, edit it, and then review it periodically. If material becomes irrelevant, remove or update it.

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