How Do You Create a Printable Invoice?


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To create a printable invoice, list all invoice items, choose an online template wizard, and select a print format. A clearly defined invoice ensures your customer or client is notified of a payment amount and due date.

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  1. List all invoice items

    Standard invoice items include your company's contact information, invoice item descriptions, invoice amounts and payment due dates. Any associated tax and shipping charges are included on an invoice as well. List all billable items related to a specific period, including products and services.

  2. Choose an online invoice template program

    Websites such as Aynax.com and Zoho.com offer free invoice generation software. These services include invoice template wizards that prompt you to enter all related invoice information. In addition, colors, themes and images are available. After setting up your free, printable invoice template, add all invoice items into the document.

  3. Select a print format

    File types for invoices include PDF, JPG and DOC. Invoicing software provides you with an option to choose which type of file you want to use. If you are looking to create a read-only file, choose .PDF as your extension. This approach prevents the client or customer from editing the file after it is sent. To generate a hard copy of the invoice, select your printer model under the output drop-down menu.

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