How Do You Create Printable Coupons?

How Do You Create Printable Coupons?

Printable coupons can be created with the Easy Coupon Maker website, as well as a number of other online tools that require entering the relevant details to customize a basic coupon template. The finished coupon can then be downloaded and either printed or posted elsewhere online.

Couponler charges a flat monthly fee, and no revenue is deducted from the coupons created with their tools. Follow the steps below to create a free printable coupon using the Easy Coupon Maker website.

  1. Choose a coupon title
  2. Enter a custom title in the "Coupon title" box. This is set by default as "SPECIAL OFFER." If desired, select a business logo to upload as well.

  3. Amend the discount details
  4. Choose between a percentage or dollar sign, and input the discount amount. Amend the details in the "Additional text" box to clarify the basic terms of the discount.

  5. Add company details and dates of validity
  6. Input the name and contact details of the company offering the discount. Decide on the start and end dates of the promotion and insert these into the two boxes below the company details.

  7. Toggle the disclaimer, choose a color and download
  8. Decide whether to include the standard disclaimer by checking or unchecking the "Disclaimer" box. Finally choose a color for the company details section of the coupon. When happy with the finished result, click "Download" to save.