How Do You Create a PowerPoint Presentation?

How Do You Create a PowerPoint Presentation?

To create a PowerPoint presentation, you must purchase the PowerPoint program from Microsoft or have access to a computer with the program. Click Create New Presentation on the toolbar to begin creating a presentation.

First, the program asks you to choose a template or a theme. Insert your first slide by clicking on the New Slide tab on the toolbar. Choose which type of slide layout you want. Click inside the text placeholder and type your desired text. Change the font and color of your text by clicking Drawing Tools and then Format.

To add a picture to your presentation, click Insert Picture on the toolbar. A prompt appears asking you to insert a picture from your computer or from the Web. Choose your desired file or picture and then click Insert. The photo shows up on your slide, and you can then position the picture with your mouse.

Repeat the steps until you have the desired amount of slides. You can also add other effects, such as transitions, bullet points, speaker notes and video by using the toolbar. Be sure to save your presentation.

To present your PowerPoint, click on the Slide Show tab. You can start the presentation from the beginning or from the current slide. Slide shows are most effective when they are not too crowded or wordy. When you give the presentation, don't rely on the slides too much; instead use the PowerPoint as a guide.