How Do You Create a Powerful Vision in an Organization?


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One of the first steps to creating a powerful vision is deciding how far into the future the vision must carry the organization, typically two to five years. Next, frame and answer questions that are key to ensuring the organization reaches its goals over this period. These questions should address the anticipated size of the business, required skills, new capabilities, customer expectations and the organization's unique characteristics.

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Next create a draft vision statement, using the most powerful words from the answers to these questions and writing as though the vision is the current reality. After evaluating and revising several drafts for clarity, feasibility, inspirational heft and focus, seek input from key employees and stakeholders. When drafting and then finalizing a vision statement, remember that it is a vision of a destination, not a road map for getting there. After you've finalized the vision statement, begin the necessary strategic and operational planning.

To be powerful, a vision statement must be reasonably attainable but challenging, and all contributing stakeholders must share it. The statement must create a picture of the future that aligns disparate parts of the organization, while being flexible enough to adapt to unexpected obstacles. A powerful organizational vision statement clarifies the organization's intentions and inspires people to commit their energies to achieve its goals.

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