How Do You Create a Power of Attorney Form?


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An individual creates a power of attorney form by deciding who acts on his behalf in the event he is unable to do so; he lists the person's contact information and signs the document to make it legal, according to Rocket Lawyer. A power of attorney form can be created online.

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Any agents listed in a power of attorney document should be 18 or older and can be a friend, family member, lawyer, doctor or accountant, says Rocket Lawyer. An agent should be informed he is listed on a power of attorney form and given details about how long he may have to make decisions on the form maker's behalf. There is also a chance the agent might be paid for his compliance.

Some states require a power of attorney form to be signed in front of a witness, by a notary public or both. A fee might also need to be paid to seal, stamp or sign the form. A power of attorney form designates an agent to make decisions on the form maker's behalf, notes Rocket Lawyer. Such decisions can include signing official documents, writing checks and taking care of legal issues. Power of attorney is often used in the form maker's absence, if he becomes incapacitated and in specific situations.

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