How Do You Create a Portfolio?


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You create a portfolio by compiling a table of contents, a list of career goals, a career summary, a resume, samples of your recent work and letters of recommendation. Keep your well-organized portfolio in a three-ring binder and arranged into categories, such as education, awards and personal accomplishments.

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Your portfolio can also include your most marketable skills, a list of honors and awards you've received, and professional references. Depending on the job, it may be a good idea to include testing results and a list a conferences and workshops you've attended.

It's a good idea to compile a portfolio that stands out from those of other job candidates. A portfolio might also help increase your chances of a job offer during an interview or of earning a promotion in your current position. A well-organized portfolio might also help you earn a higher salary.

Before presenting your portfolio to an interviewer, have it checked by a professional. You can also create a smaller version of your portfolio to leave with interviewers. Leaving a condensed portfolio also allows you a second opportunity to interact with the interviewer when you pick up the portfolio. You can use your portfolio to help support your answers during an interview.

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