How Do I Create a PERT Chart?

How Do I Create a PERT Chart?

To create a PERT chart, make a flow chart that identifies each task or component of a project and the amount of time required to complete each task. Start with the first task, then identify any tasks that can be completed simultaneously, and continue adding successive tasks.

  1. Break the project into individual tasks

    A PERT chart shows the sequence of tasks required to complete a project. Begin by identifying each component of the project, and determine how long it takes to complete each one.

  2. Organize the tasks

    A PERT chart can easily be created by hand, with specialized flow chart software or a graphics program. The first node, or box, is the first task that needs to be completed. Continue adding nodes in the order in which they need to be completed. If a task can be completed at the same time as another one, position them below that task. Continue this process until all components are positioned on the chart.

  3. Add information about the tasks

    Inside each node, add basic information about each task, including duration, start date and end date.

  4. Connect the tasks

    Because a PERT chart is a flow chart, add directional arrows between related tasks, which show the flow of the project.