How Do You Create a Personal Profile?

In order to create a personal profile for a person's career or work portfolio, the person should use a professional photo, list their skills, add their interests, create their list of personally meaningful values, promote their knowledge and write out their goals. Creating a personal career profile can help a person find new employment or build new connections within an existing job.

Include the following steps when creating a personal profile.

  1. Use a professional photo
  2. A professional photo is always recommended because it makes people feel more connected immediately to the candidate.

  3. List skills
  4. Skills are important because they show employers and networking connections why they should connect with someone. They showcase why this person would be an asset to the company and to the person. Skills can include leadership, management, organization, communication, hard work and interpersonal skills.

  5. Add interests
  6. Interests give people a feel for who someone is as an individual. This makes the career profile feel more like an introduction to an actual person instead of a simple list of their accomplishments and background.

  7. Create personally meaningful values
  8. This is an opportunity for the person to separate themselves from other candidates and other workers because many people overlook this step. Write down the most important values such as innovation, health, fitness, responsibility, success, challenges or intellect.

  9. Promote knowledge
  10. The person should list the schools that they have attended and any degrees or certifications that they may have. They should also list their experience from charity work as well as career work.

  11. Write out goals
  12. Employers and employees alike will enjoy seeing what goals a person has. These goals can be both career oriented and personally oriented, such as learning how to scuba dive and learning how to edit in American Psychological Association style.