How Do You Create a Payroll Stub Online?

Create a payroll stub online using the tools on sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Each site allows you to enter specific information about the business, the pay rates for the employee, payment amounts and track taxation. offers a straightforward pay stub creation tool that includes the ability to upload a custom company logo image to the top of the document as well as enter the name and address of the company. You are also able to enter the employee's name, company identification number and social security number along with her payment details for the current pay period. The pay stub tool on also includes sections for entering employer and employee information along with a section for designating the payment date, end of the pay period and payment frequency. Deductions appear as customizable section after the payment amount rather than a set collection of fees. offers both a basic generator and an advanced tool, with the basic option only allowing for employee and employer details, pay period and yearly pay scale. The advanced version allows for a greater level of control over factors such as deductions that appear as several different common types and displays yearly totals for all amounts. The tool on includes space for the basic federal deductions and calculates income according to the current pay rate and number of billable hours.