How Do You Create Your Own Receipt Invoice?


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Create your own receipt invoice using a word processing software. At the top of the document, include a large header with the name of the business selling the goods or services and a logo, if possible. Under the header, place the date the invoice was written and an invoice number that is unique to the order, with a space in between them.

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Add another space after the number, and write an address block with your name, address, phone number and website for the client in case they need to contact you concerning the invoice. Add another space, and then write an address block with the client's contact information, if you have it. The next section of the invoice contains an itemized table listing the products sold or services rendered.

If the invoice is billed by project, list the project name and description above the table. Inside the table, add the date of purchase, an item description, the rate of each item and the total cost, adding multiple items or discounts given. The end of the table includes a subtotal section that adds applicable tax and a final total for all goods or services. Highlight the subtotal and total using a bold font or color.

Leave a space below the table for a signature line. Under the signature line, in fine print, list any terms of payment or other secondary information, if needed. Print and sign the invoice before mailing it to the client. Save a copy of the invoice for your records and another copy to use as a template for future invoices.

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