How Do You Create Your Own Five-Tab Dividers?


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Card stock, a three-hole paper punch, a pencil and an adhesive are all you need to make five-tab notebook dividers at home. Choose plain or multiple colors of card stock, or select a pretty scrapbook paper and laminate it with packing tape or contact paper.

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Punch holes into each divider sheet using the paper punch. To make the tabs, cut or punch five 1-inch squares from another piece of card stock. Fold the squares in half and use glue sticks or spray adhesive to attach the tabs to the dividers. Align the first tab with the bottom of the divider, opposite the holes. The second tab should begin where the first ends, and so on.

In a variation of handmade notebook dividers by Loulou Downtown, paper scraps, label stickers and magnets create versatile dividers for bound notebooks, journals and similar products. Fold 6-inch-wide strips of paper in half, attach a label sticker at the crease and laminate the paper, unfolded, with clear packing tape or contact paper. Secure small magnets to the back sides of both ends of the paper using double-sided tape. Add appropriate labels to each tab, fold in half and use the magnets to keep the dividers in place inside your notebook.

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