How Do You Create Your Own Disciplinary Action Form for Your Business?


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Create a custom disciplinary action form by downloading and customizing a template from sites such as SHRM.org or Entrepreneur.com or by creating a new document using the cell and formatting options in Microsoft Word. In either case, review your company's employee disciplinary policy to ensure the form includes the appropriate sections for tracking employee identity, monitoring infractions and assigning consequences.

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Begin by reading over the employee disciplinary policy for your business to determine the number and types of forms you need to make. Depending on the policy, it may be possible to make a single form that reflects all the stages of the disciplinary process, or you may need to make multiple forms that correspond to different infractions. Once you determine your needs, begin by choosing an appropriate template to use as a starting point. Review the form, remove any unnecessary sections and add in the descriptions of punishments as outlined in your company policy.

If you are creating a form from scratch, open Microsoft Word, and start with a blank document. Use alignment and cell tools to add a structure to the form, such as placing titles in certain areas or making boxes around individual sections. Make sure there is space to write in the name of the employee receiving the disciplinary action as well as for explaining the reason he is receiving it. Add additional sections to include relevant sections from the company policy, an explanation of the action and what to expect on further infractions.

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