How Do You Create an Outline for a New Employee Orientation Session?


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A new employee orientation outline should include elements such as a welcome greeting, company history, goals and objectives of the company, and introductions to management and coworkers. Explain the company culture, collect mandatory documentation, and go over company policies and compliance rules. Give an overview of safety procedures, including what to do during emergencies. Cover common benefits shared by employees, and discuss training. Orientation is also a good time to share helpful resources that assist employees in doing their jobs.

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Start employee orientation sessions off with a warm welcome to the company. An enthusiastic welcome helps put new workers at ease. Use storytelling to share important historical moments in the organization's history from its beginning up to the present. Including long-term employees during the history portion lets newcomers know they too can become valuable members of the team. Let new employees know about the company's vision and what role they play in achieving short and long-term goals.

Every company has a unique culture, so use orientation to cover dress codes, worker breaks and special traditions. Choose a time during the orientation to collect pre-filled out forms requested ahead of time. Orientation sessions usually go over important policies such as overtime pay, sick time and vacation time. Additionally, tell employees about company compliance rules governing employee conduct while on the job.

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