How Do You Create a Nursing Portfolio?


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To build a nursing portfolio, you need to put information regarding your nursing skills, such as your resume, degrees, license and reference letters, into a binder. A nursing portfolio highlights your accomplishments in the field.

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  1. Buy a binder

    Buy a three-ringed binder, and add dividers and clear plastic sheets inside to protect your materials.

  2. Create a table of contents

    Create a table of contents outlining the materials.

  3. Create a professional objectives page

    Create a page that outlines your professional goals and objectives within the nursing field.

  4. Write a succinct biography

    Write a biography that sums up your educational and professional experience. Include your contact information and license number.

  5. Insert your resume

    Revise your resume, and add it to the portfolio. Keep extra copies in the pocket of your portfolio.

  6. Add a reference sheet

    Create a reference sheet that includes the contact information for at least three professional references.

  7. Add your transcripts

    Include copies of your transcripts to demonstrate your intellectual abilities.

  8. Add your nursing license

    Place copies of your nursing license and certifications here.

  9. Add a professional organization sheet

    Include a professional organization sheet that highlights your current memberships.

  10. Add an honors and awards document

    Create a document describing your professional honors and awards. Include the title, date received, organization and a brief reason for each award.

  11. List your publication history

    Add a publication history and brief excerpts of your work. The publication history sheet should list the name of the piece, the publishing organization and the date.

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