How Do You Create a Newsletter?

How Do You Create a Newsletter?

The first step to creating a newsletter is to assemble a creative team. Next, pick a name for your newsletter, and get writing contributions. Proofread the newsletter before sending it to your target audience.

  1. Assemble a creative team

    Get a team of employees together to oversee the newsletter. Make sure that everyone has a chance to contribute ideas.

  2. Choose a newsletter name

    Choose a name for your newsletter that easily demonstrates what your company is all about. Using your company's name for your newsletter is also a good choice.

  3. Create content

    Create fun, educational and accurate content. Allow your employees to contribute articles to the newsletter. Keep advertising and sales hype to a minimum. Ensure the articles are written in third person.

  4. Talk to your readers

    Use a conversational tone when creating content for your newsletter. Do not use big words or technical jargon. Avoid abbreviations, and instead, create concise and easy-to-read content.

  5. Proofread the finished newsletter

    Have several people proofread the newsletter and provide their feedback. Look for mistakes and typos, and check for overall quality. The edition is a reflection of your company and its services, so it needs to be perfect. Hire a professional proofreader if necessary.

  6. Create an attractive front page

    Put your best article and pictures on the front page. This attracts readers and increases the likelihood of them reading the entire issue.