How do you create a monthly expense sheet?


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To create a monthly expense sheet, use a spreadsheet software program or a manual template, and list the expense categories, such as rent, utilities, entertainment and miscellaneous. Create columns for each type starting on the left side of the page.

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How do you create a monthly expense sheet?
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Name the first column Date while the second column is Description. The second column is for any needed explanation of the amount spent. Following these, name the columns by the expense type with the last column titled Miscellaneous for any random expenses. Create several rows beneath the columns to list each expense and date of expense for the entire month.

The last row on the sheet is the Subtotal row where all the expenses are totaled. On a spreadsheet program, format the rows and columns to add up the subtotal automatically any time new information is added to the sheet. For a manual sheet, draw a double line below the subtotal row to indicate it is the bottom of the sheet, and write the total of all the month's expenses above the double line.

Create a header for the sheet that allows you to write or type the name of the month and year above the columns. If desired, create a year-end tally sheet to compare expenses from each month and total the year's expenses. Consider adding expense categories that correspond to your income taxes, such as medical expenses and charitable donations. Make copies or keep a blank expense sheet in a file for future use.

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