How Do You Create a Marketing Plan?

To create a marketing plan, compile a document that outlines the marketing goals of your business, identifies your target audience and determines how to measure the success of your efforts. Outline short-term marketing objectives, in monthly and annual intervals, and the specific strategies to use to achieve each one.

  1. Decide on your marketing goals

    Begin creating your marketing plan by figuring out your overall marketing goals for the next year of business. Be specific about what you want to achieve in measurable numerical terms for the sale of your products, services or in new client acquisitions.

  2. Profile your target customer

    Do extensive and thorough research to find out who your ideal customer is and what appeals to them the most to tailor your marketing activities and messages appropriately. Include a description of this target customer in your marketing plan.

  3. Determine marketing activities

    Outline various marketing activities, strategies and tactics to attract and keep the attention of your target audience. List each marketing activity along with the person or persons responsible for implementing and carrying them out.

  4. Set up methods for measuring progress

    Determine how you plan to measure the progress, successes and failures of your marketing efforts. Include factors that help you determine how well your marketing plan is doing each month leading up to the end of the first year.