How Do You Create a Logo?

Create a logo by brainstorming potential logo designs, sketching out design ideas and creating a final logo design on the computer. Aim for the logo to be simple, memorable, clearly communicative and unique.

  1. Plan the logo design

    Determine the key audience for the logo, what you want to communicate and the main concepts to focus on. Think of how to convey these concepts visually through the logo. Create the logo with your own original work; don't use another person's designs as your own.

  2. Create sketches

    Sketch out as many different logo design ideas as you can think of. Review your sketches and decide which ones work best. Ask others for opinions in order to have additional helpful perspectives.

  3. Design the final logo

    Design the final logo on the computer with a graphics program. Create the logo in vector format so that it can be easily re-sized and sent to others. Ensure that the file format is vector and one which can be read on most computers (such as .png, .eps or .pdf).To have the best results with printing, use only a few colors. It is important to make sure that the logo looks good in black-and-white, because it may be printed in black-and-white at some point.