How Do You Create a Living Will?


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You can create a living will by getting a state form and filling it out, declaring your wishes regarding the details of your care in case you are incapacitated and cannot speak for yourself, states Nolo.com. You can request specific medical care of treatments you want and don't want.

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Anyone can fill out a living will, and it is more vital if you are facing incapacity or have strong opinions about your own care, according to Nolo.com. On the living will, you can instruct that you should be put on a ventilator if necessary, or not be put on a ventilator. You can accept or not accept life-prolonging medical care such as blood transfusions, CPR, dialyses, diagnostic tests and surgery. Some permanently unconscious patients can live a long time on intravenous food and water, and you can decide to extend your life or refuse treatment

You do not need a lawyer to make a living will, although you may use one if you desire, states Nolo.com. Free living will forms can be found at local senior centers, local hospitals, your regular doctor, and The National Hospital and Palliative Care Organization. Palliative care is given to reduce pain when a patient refuses life-prolonging treatments.

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